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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer Melbourne

Your wedding is going to be one of the most amazing and memorable days in your life, and that is why it’s so important that your hire the right wedding photographer.

There’s going to be laughter, tears, emotion, spontaneous moments and everything in between happening on the day, so make sure you hire not only the right Melbourne wedding photographer to capture this but also someone who is going to help make you feel comfortable, at ease and enjoy every moment!

Experience Level

Experience comes in a lot of different forms. before hiring a photographer you’ll want to know and have peace of mind on the following points:

  • How many weddings have they shot?
  • If you’re having a traditional wedding, does your photographer have experience with these traditions.How many weddings have they shot?
  • Has your photographer photographed weddings in the venue where you’re getting married?
  • Do they come across as professional? Are they quick to respond to emails and calls? Do they dress appropriately? Are they organised and can process all your wedding photos in a timely manner after the wedding?
  • Can they recommend other wedding vendors like makeup artists, florists, venues or videographers?

Photographic Style

Make sure you are happy with his or her style. Every wedding photographer has their own unique creative style, so essentially there is no right or wrong style, it just comes down to what you like. Check out their website, the portfolio and make sure you ask to see a few weddings from start to end so you know exactly what you’re going to get. Also make sure you don’t ask the wedding photographer to deliver your photos in a style that is completely different from their own.

Get what you pay for

While chatting to and meeting with your potential photographers, just make sure you get what you pay for! Is the photographer that your speaking with and building rapport with actually going to be the photographer who is going to rock up on the day? Also, like I mentioned above, make sure that the photos on their website or portfolio are actually of the same quality to the photos that you’re going to get on your wedding. Don’t just look at the best of the best, make sure you ask to see a few weddings from start to end so you can be sure you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Look and Personality

Is your potential wedding photographer someone that you get along with? You might not realise it beforehand, but you’re going to be spending 6, 8, 10 or even 12 hours with this photographer on one of the most important days of your life, you want to make sure that you guys have a good connection. Your photographer should make you feel comfortable, at ease in front of the camera and add value to your day by going above and beyond!

Price Range & Budget

Be careful of cheap photographers or photographers offering insane discounts. Usually price is directly related to experience level, professionalism you’re going to receive and the quality of the photos that you’re going to get. The average Melbourne wedding photographer charges between $2500 – $4000 as a ball-park figure. Anything below could be risky and anything above probably means you’re overpaying.


In choosing your wedding photographer, don’t merely go for somebody recommended by friends or relatives, use the tips outlined above to help and guide you. Now that you’re equipped with all this new information, you should have everything you need to go out and find your perfect wedding photographer.